Love, What is it?

valentines-day-624440_960_720.jpgWhat is love? Cliche thing to be curious about, but don’t we all wonder?  People fall in and out of love regularly, and for what? All that does is give people the negative idea that there’s no such thing as love. How someone can love someone else with all that they have and one day wake up and not feel that anymore just baffles me.

According to, one must love themselves first in order to love. This idea speaks strongly to me because so many people do not realize the importance of it. It is also said that love is the act of being comfortable in opening up to someone. I realize I am only 18, but yes, I have been in love.

For three years, I was with Alden and one day he decided he needed a break. As days passed he decided the break was no longer necessary. To his surprise, during the break, I reflected back on our relationship and decided I couldn’t be treated the way I was for any longer. So again, I ask what is love? Is it taking breaks to find out if the love is real? Is it asking yourself, “is this going to last?” No. Love is beautiful, and someday I hope to find it again.


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